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Gene Roddenberry's
Final Conflict


Thrown into the hot spots of the ongoing S/I War, William Boone is too busy staying alive to pay attention to news of the arrival of aliens on Earth.

But when the war is over and he returns to civilian life as a husband and police detective, he finds that the world he has returned to is anything but normal. The Taelons are real, and they've undertaken massive projects to help humanity, from curing disease to eliminating hunger to irrigating the deserts of Egypt.

The nature of crime has changed too, as Boone discovers when he finds himself on the trail of a shadowy figure named "Augur" and investigating the Taelons for a bizarre series of crimes reminiscent of old alien abduction stories. And when the two cases suddenly intersect, William Boone will discover a dark secret in his past that might spell disaster for Earth's bright future.

"With its second half nonstop action, this is a sound technothriller that rises above being just that, thanks to skillful characterization."


"Nothing is as it seems, of course; there are wheels within wheels and conspiracies within conspiracies . . . fans of the series will enjoy this well-paced and technologically sound entry."

—Publishers Weekly

The never-before-revealed history of Da'an's first Protector.

William Boone. When the Taelons came to Earth, he was tapped to be the human who would work most closely with Da'an, the mysteriously powerful and enigmatic leader who speaks for the alien Companions.

Boone became many things: confidant, bodyguard, interpreter . . . and undercover agent for the human Resistance. But little has been told of Boone's past, of the events that prepared him for the perilous assignment.

Now it is revealed: from his duty overseas during the S/I War to his life in the United States, from the arrival of the aliens on Earth to his first encounter with the mysterious Augur, here for the first time is the story behind mankind's first double agent in the underground war between human and alien—and the Resistance's first martyr.

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