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From the Author of My Teacher Is an Alien...

Bruce Coville's Book of Ghosts

Featuring The Ghost Let Go by Bruce Coville and other spooky stories by Mary Downing Hahn, James D. Macdonald, Jane Yolen, and many more.

Bruce Coville's Book of Ghosts

Hold On To Your Hat!

Do you believe in ghosts? Bruce Coville does, and he loves ghost stories! Just for the fright of it, he's brought together some of the spookiest spirits you've ever seen.

In this collection, you'll meet a host of ghosts -- some frightening, some lonely, and some funny. So, hold on to your hat and your heart. When ghosts reach out to us from the other side -- whether it be on a cold stormy night or a warm summer's day -- they can touch our souls in ways both terrifying and wondrous!

Illustrated by John Pierard
Cover illustration by Steve Fastner
A GLC Book

Scholastic Inc.
RL 5 010-012

ISBN 0-590-46160-5

An APPLE Paperback

Terror in the Night

A woman sat at the table with her back to us. Her long hair covered her shoulders.

At the sight of her, I felt my flesh begin to crawl. The way she was holding herself -- face in hands, shoulders shaking as she wept -- made her look uncannily like the ghost in the other room.

What was going on here?

After a moment Chris spoke up. "Can we help you?"

The woman cried out in surprise and turned in our direction. At the same time she reached for a light switch on the wall.

The lights came on.

Despite my effort not to, I cried out in horror....

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