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On Crusade: More Tales of the Knights Templar

[On Crusade]
All New, original stories edited by Katherine Kurtz, author of the Deryni series.

Warriors of the Hidden Ways

An elite order of warrior-priests forged in the terror of the Crusades, the Knights Templar amassed knowledge and wealth enough to challenge the power of kings and popes. Seven hundred years after they were betrayed, mystery and wonder still surround the Templars' history.

What mystic forces did they conqueor in the Holy Lands? How did their fleet vanish -- and where did it go? What treasures did the fugitive priests bear into the Unknown? And are the Templars part of the past -- or are they still among us, shadowy magicians working their will on the world?

Secrets of the Templars

Continuing the explorations of her acclaimed collection Tales of the Knights Templar, Katherine Kurtz, author of the classic Deryni series, presents eleven new, original stories by Andre Norton, Katherine Kurtz, Diane Duane, Deborah Turner Harris, and more...

The truth of the Templars will never be known; but the legends will never die.

On Crusade: More Tales of the Knights Templar
Edited by Katherine Kurtz
Warner Books, Inc.
1271 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

ISBN 0-446-67339-0

Table of Contents
Tales of the Knights Templar
The Crusade Eternal
"Blank Check" by Diane Duane: A Templar's faith -- and the Temple's future -- will be tested by a mystery woman's improbable demand...
"The Company of Three" by Deborah Turner Harris and Robert J. Harris: A young Knight must decide if a gruesome supernatural relic is the Templars' most sacred treasure -- or the cause of their damnation...
"Occam's Razor" by Robert Reginald: A famed Franciscan logician must discover whether Pope Clement and King Philip were murdered -- or cursed...
The New World
"Stonish Men" by Andre Norton: Pursued by brigands, two settlers discover a gift from the past -- and a link to Eternity...
"Selling the Devil" by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald: The "satanic ritual" was bogus -- but now something is butchering the participants!

Knights Templar Read "Selling the Devil," a short story by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald from On Crusade, on your favorite e-book reader.

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