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Tales of the Knights Templar

[Tales of the 
Centuries old ... thousands strong ... steeped in mystery and secret rites ... All-new, original stories by POUL ANDERSON, DEBORAH TURNER HARRIS, KATHERINE KURTZ, ELIZABETH MOON, and more.


Created in 1119 A.D. to guard pilgrims in the Holy Land, by 1314 A.D. the mystic Knights Templar were the warrior elite of Christendom. Only the combined treachery of King, Pope, and Inquisition could break the Templars' power. But no one could discover their secrets. And many believed the Templars were either the embodiment of God -- or of absolute evil.


Were they noble crusaders -- or servants of the demon Baphomet? Were they merely soldiers -- or wielders of the Seal of Solomon, the True Cross, the Shroud, the Grail, and the talking head of John the Baptist? Were they destroyed 700 years ago -- or did they flourish in secret? Are the Knights of the Temple shadows of the ancient past -- or living occult members?

The author of the classic bestselling Deryni series has gathered nine original stories by top talent of the fantastic -- Katherine Kurtz, Poul Anderson, Elizabeth Moon, Deborah Turner Harris, and others -- to explore the most mystic and mysterious army ever.

"Satisfying and varied ... A fine effort and well worth your time."
-- Sci-Fi Universe

Tales of the Knights Templar
Edited by Katherine Kurtz
Warner Books, Inc.
1271 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

ISBN 0-446-60138-1

Table of Contents
On Crusade: More Tales of the Knights Templar
Crusade of Fire: Mystical Tales of the Knights Templar
The Power and Faith to Maintain Vows Through the Ages
1167 A.D. .... Nazareth
"The City of Brass" by Deborah Turner Harris and Robert J. Harris: Saladin's forces are poised for Allah's victory over Christ; in a lost temple of magic and horror, the demon Baphomet will defeat all the gods...
1314 A.D. .... Paris...
"Obligations" by Katherine Kurtz: Sir Adam Sinclair, the Adept, must travel the Astral Path to a past life and beyond, seeking the fate of a tormenting, 700-year-long Templar quest...
1746 ... Culloden Moor, Scotland ...
"Word of Honor" by Tanya Huff: The Bonnie Prince's hope to reclaim his kingdom rested upon Templar magic -- but the battle was turned by a coward's theft, a wrong that could only be made right from beyond the grave...
1952 ... Texas ...
"Knight of Other Days" by Elizabeth Moon: In a border hamlet a bruja and a doomed mortal must decide the fate of a Templar stone that stops "the dead who could curse the world"...
Today... New York City ...
"Stealing God" by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald: He isn't the kind of guy who goes around rescuing maidens -- but when a carload of thugs tries to snatch a dame right in front of his nose, a knight has to do something about it...
"Death and the Knight" by Poul Anderson: At any cost, the Time Patrol must stop a future scientist and his lover from saving the Templars -- and destroying history!

Knights Templar Read "Stealing God," a short story by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald from Tales of the Knights Templar, on your favorite e-book reader.

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