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[Mortal Kombat
Nothing in this world has prepared you for this.
A novel by Martin Delrio based on the motion picture written by Kevin Droney

Once every generation, the tournament is held. The ultimate martial arts competition in which mortal warriors must fight against many supernatural opponents to defend the earth from evil forces.

Now three young mortals have come to compete in the tournament. They are Liu Kang, raised as a fighting monk; Johnny Cage, an American movie star; and Sonya Blade, a beautiful U.S. Special Forces agent who seeks revenge on her deadly enemy Kano. With the help of the immortal Thunder God Rayden , the mortals must conquer their inner fears to defeat Goro, the four-armed warrior prince, and save humanity from the dreaded sorcerer, Shang Tsung.

With over a dozen exciting photos from the hit movie! See MORTAL KOMBAT, a Major Motion Picture from New Line Cinema.


In the blink of an eye Shang Tsung changed form, his body shifting into the appearance of a man in samurai's armor, sword raised over his head.

At the same moment an enormous ball of blue, crackling fire swept down through the hold. Electric discharges flew from the ball, and its light showed the little group in startling detail. Sonya and Johnny stood back to back, each in a defensive stance, their form perfect. Their ninja opponents stood facing them, also in stance. An icy fog lay about the feet of the ninja facing Sonya, while a serpent protruded from the hand of the ninja opposite Johnny.

The ball of blue lightning came smashing through...

A Tom Doherty Associates, Inc. Book
ISBN 0-812-54452-8

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