Bruce Coville's

Book of Monsters

Introduction: Welcome to the Wild Rumpus
My Little Brother is a Monster
Bruce Coville
Momster in the Closet
Jane Yolen
Merlin's Knight School
Michael Markiewicz
Uncle Joshua and the Grooglemen
Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald
Friendly Persuasion
Bruce Coville
Kokolimalayas, the Bone Man
Laura Simms
The Thing That Goes Burp in the Night
Sharon Webb
Peronality Problem
Joe R. Lansdale
Duffy's Jacket
Bruce Coville
The Bogeyman
Jack Prelutsky
Bloody Mary
Patrick Bone
The Beast with a Thousand Teeth
Terry Jones
Timor and the Furnace Troll
John Barnes
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