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Stories From the Dark


Michael Stearns

Take a harrowing ride through the eerie dreams of fifteen acclaimed fantasy writers in this dark companion to A Wizard's Dozen and A Starfarer's Dozen.
Behold fourteen nightmares, in which readers can—if they dare—visit an amusement park where parents bring unwanted offspring; redeem a ticket for a never-ending plane ride; or join the ghosts of dead children at a midnight playground. Other stories in this frightening collection are equally disturbing: One features a mirror that drains away ugliness, and another, a sleepover with the horrific Hideaway Man.

Alike only in their ability to raise goosebumps and quicken heartbeats, the stories in this eerie volume are some of the best in the genre by today's top horror and fantasy writers. Here are nightmares enough to keep readers wide-awake for a dozen and one nights—and then some.

[A Nightmare's Dozen]

Jacket and interior illustrations by Michael Hussar
October  Young adult fantasy and horror stories
Ages 10 and up  240 pages
5½ x 8¼ LC 96-3382  Fifteen black-and-white illustrations
0-15-201247-8  $17.00

Territory: World  British/Translation: Harcourt
Performance: Individual authors c/o Harcourt
A Nightmare's Dozen table of contents

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