Where Did I Come From?
[Cover: Not of Woman Born] ...is becoming a multiple-choice question. Extra-uterine, cloned and bio-engineered human reproduction is right around the corner. Science Fiction has always been drawn to this edge of human evolution, celebrating, admonishing—and sometimes even prophesying—our tentative steps toward artificial reproduction. Here, sprung from the minds of the masters, is a varied and rich collection of stories tackling the controversial issue of reproductive alternatives—and the future that such choices may bring...

Not of Woman Born
Tales of high-tech reproduction from the most inventive names in science fiction, edited by Constance Ash.
Hunting Mother
Sage Walker
Judith's Flowers
Susan Palwick
A Gift to be Simple
Patricia A. McKillip
Island of the Ancestor
William F. Wu
One Day at Central Convenience Mall
Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Dead in the Water
Jack McDevitt
Raising Jenny
Janni Lee Simner
There Was an Old Woman
Robert Silverberg
Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald
The Leopard's Garden
Constance Ash
Bouncing Babies
Kara Dalkey
Daddy's World
Walter Jon Williams
Of Bitches Born
Michael Armstrong
Richard Parks

Award-winning, best-selling, and renowned authors bring you tales that will change the way you look at conception, birth, and parenting...

In Nina Kiriki Hoffman's "One Day at Central Convenience Mall," a race of programmed retail clerks makes shopping a breeze—until one decides to break the mold...

An obsolete religious group finds a high-tech way to replenish their flock in Patricia A. McKillip's "A Gift to Be Simple"...

Robert Silverberg's classic tale of genetic manipulation, "There Was an Old Woman," reveals what happens when thirty-one identical clones rebel against their determined destinies—and the woman who created them...

A dead boy discovers that virtual environments are a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there in "Daddy's World" by Walter Jon Williams...

And ten more stories to take you to the cutting edge of reproductive technology—and beyond!


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