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     MR. CARSON:
"May I take it that you think The Priest and the Acolyte was not immoral?"

"It was worse; it was badly written."

1945 by Newt Gingrich and William R. Forstchen
The Art of War with Wesley Snipes
Battlefield Earth with John Travolta
Behind Enemy Lines with Owen Wilson
Day of the Delphi by Jon Land
Deep Impact with Robert Duvall
The Edge with Anthony Hopkins
Event Horizon with Lawrence Fishburne
Flight by Vanna Bonta
Godzilla with Matthew Broderick
The Horror of R. L. Stine by Diana West
The Horror Show starring Lance Hendriksen
Jack the Ripper: "Light-hearted Friend" by Richard Wallace
The Kingdom of The Seven by Jon Land
Moontrap starring Walter Koenig
Money Train starring Wesley Snipes
Pawn's Dream by Eric S. Nylund
The Pleistocene Redemption by Dan Gallagher
Satan's Harvest by Michael Lasalandra and Mark Merenda
Speed 2: Cruise Control starring Sandra Bullock
Starship Troopers starring Michael Ironside
Tank Girl starring Malcolm McDowell

Tears of the Sun starring Bruce Willis

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