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13 stories with an intriguing diversity of themes, subjects and styles that provides an excellent introduction to the science fiction genre.

-- School Library Journal

Stories of things to come

A Starfarer's Dozen

Edited by Michael Stearns

Illustrated by Michael Hussar

A Starfarer's Dozen

A dozen-plus far-flung adventures explore the shape of things to come with humor and wonder in this science-fiction companion to A Wizard's Dozen and A Nightmare's Dozen.

A robotic teddy bear of very little sense goes for a spacewalk; a do-or-die game of catch between winged teenagers takes place thousands of feet above ground; a suit of slick armor transforms the class "mouse" into a superhero; a girl and her friends spend an evening "wilding" as tigers or lions or bears -- via futuristic "morphing"; a tough-talking runaway learns a life lesson from the equally tough-talking dog she adopts . . . . These are just a few of the strange futures in this starfarer's dozen tales.

Featuring stories by many of the most talented authors writing science fiction for young adults today, including Jane Yolen, Sherwood Smith, Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald, Will Shetterly, and Nancy Springer, this volume will appeal to adventurous readers of all ages.

Jane Yolen Books
Harcourt Brace & Company
San Diego New York London

ISBN 0-15-299871-3
$17.00 (US)

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A Starfarer's Dozen table of contents
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