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Swashbuckling Editor Stories

Edited by John Gregory Betancourt

Cover by Pat Morrissey

Table of Contents

John Gregory Betancourt
It Came From the Slushpile
Bruce Bethke
Why They Call It That
James D. Macdonald and Debra Doyle
Chuck Rothman
Janna Silverstein
The Emperor's New Prose
Kij Johnson
Grace Under Pressure
Paul Levinson
Dear Contributor
David M. Harris
Greg Cox
The Masque of the Red Pencil
John C. Bunnell
Editor Meacham and the Fate Worse Than Death
Mike Resnick
Not Virginal Enough
George H. Scithers
Falcon Lace
John J. Ordover
False Assumptions
Gordon Van Gelder
Out Tray
Anthony R. Lewis
Just Perfect
Lawrence Watt-Evans
Re: Vision
Steve Rasnic Tem
The Big Nap
David Bischoff

ISBN: 1-880448-22-X (trade paperback
ISBN: 1-880448-20-3 (numbered hardcover)
ISBN: 1-880448-21-1 (lettered & double lettered hardcover)

Why They Call It That e-text

Our story, "Why They Call It That," is included in this collection for your favorite e-reader.

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