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"This is an intricate tale rich in characters and maneuverings. The momentum builds very nicely, and the reader puts the book down at the end quite ready to buy more in the series."


[The Stars Asunder]

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ISBN 0-312-86410-8 (hardcover)
ISBN 0-812-57192-4 (paperback)
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"The coauthors of the Mageworlds series explore the mysterious worlds inhabited by spacefaring wizards in a story that combines swashbuckling space opera with epic fantasy."

—Library Journal

The first novel of the Mageworlds themselves—the tale of the origins of the "Professor."

"Doyle and Macdonald deliver exactly what I want in an adventure story—more. More plot, more background, more characterization, more good dialog...and more humor."

—Elizabeth Moon

The star systems of the Mages are linked by magic. Only when trained Mages have found a Way to a new planet can the great colonizing and trading starships follow. But beyond the furthest worlds is the great gap, beyond which, hint the legends, lie vast, rich human worlds long lost to the Mages' trade.

"No one—no one—writes big, chewy space opera like the husband-and-wife team of Doyle and Macdonald!"

—Jane Yolen

Now the most powerful Mage-circle ever is determined to walk to those worlds, to reunite humanity's sundered branches and make a fortune in the process. But blood will be spilled, and dynasties thrown down, before the worlds of mankind are again united. For the first time in living memory, the Mages will go to war—with themselves.

"Combining magic, space opera, and time travel, the plot offers some surprises ... Easily read apart from the preceding volumes, this novel offers added foreboding for the series reader."

—Publishers Weekly

The Stars Asunder is science fiction in the vein of Star Wars: epic, adventurous, rooted in myth and touched with mysticism.

"I haven't had such a good read in this subgenre since I was cutting my teeth on Heinlein and Poul Anderson and the like!"

—Katherine Kurtz

DEBRA DOYLE and JAMES D. MACDONALD live in Colebrook, New Hampshire.

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