Can a young wizard's magic challenge the forces of evil?

[School of Wizardry]
School of Wizardry
Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald
[School of Wizardry]


As squire to Lord Alyen, master of Castle Doun, young Randal's future as a knight seems assured—until Madoc, a wandering wizard, enters the castle gates.

To his astonishment, Randal discovers that he himself possesses special powers. He leaves the security of his life at Castle Doun to travel with Madoc to the Schola Sorceriae: the School of Wizardry.

Once his training in the mystic arts has begun, however, Randal soon learns that there are many perils, both earthly and supernatural, to be overcome—and one deadly enemy to be vanquished—before he advances from sorcerer's apprentice to journeyman wizard . . . .

Cover painting by Judith Mitchell

Randal thought he wanted to be a wizard . . . .

Just before noon, Randal found Madoc in the tower. The wizard was reading a small, leather-bound book.

"What is it, lad?" asked Madoc, not looking up.

"I—I want to be a wizard like you," Randal told him.

"How can you want to be a wizard, boy? You haven't go the foggiest idea of what it's all about." Madoc rose and stood glaring down at Randal. "You'll spend most of your life with just enough power to get you into trouble. You'll be hungry more often than you're fed. You'll spend more time in danger on the road than safe under a roof. And maybe you'll survive it all and live to be old and white-bearded and wise—but if you do, most of your friends will have died a long time before. Go back downstairs to your uncle, lad, and one day you'll make a fine knight. Wizardry is no life for you."

Randal went, but he felt restless and uneasy. Even if wizardry was as hard as Madoc said, it was still the only thing he wanted.

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School of Wizardry
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