Can a young wizard's magic challenge the forces of evil?

[Tournament and Tower]
Tournament and Tower
Reprinted as Secret of the Tower
Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald
[Secret of the Tower]


Having broken his vow never to use a weapon, Randal has been allowed to graduate from the School of Wizardry on one condition: that he not use his magic before he's pardoned by the master wizard, Balpesh. On the way to Balpesh's tower, Randal meets his cousin Walter and agrees to act as his squire.

Then Walter is badly wounded in a tournament, and without his magic Randal is unable to help. Only Balpesh can save Walter's life—but the cousins soon discover that Balpesh himself is in grave danger. Unless Randal can save the wizard, Walter will die, and Randal's own magic will be lost forever!

Cover painting by Judith Mitchell

Randal must choose the real wizard . . .

The wizard's workroom glowed with an eerie blue light. The illumination came from two overlapping magic circles, laid out on the workroom floor like a pair of linked rings. In the center of each circle stood a wizard.

"Help me!" called the wizard in the circle to Randal's left—a tall, gray-bearded man in ceremonial robes of black velvet embroidered with magical symbols in gold and silver. "Break the circle, so that I can destroy the demon keeping me captive!"

"No!" shouted the other wizard—also tall, also gray-bearded, clad in an identical robe. "No! Help me! I am Master Balpesh—he is the demon!"

Randal looked from one wizard to the other. Each stood imprisoned inside a magic circle, holding the other prisoner. They were locked in a deadly stalemate.

"Hurry!" commanded the wizard on the right.

"Free me!" cried the other.

Randal stepped closer to the circles. All he needed to do was put his hand through one circle or the other, and that circle would break. I have to choose, he thought. But I don't dare choose wrong.

He paused for a moment, then stretched out his hand . . . .

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Tournament and Tower
ISBN 0-8167-1829-6
September 2000
ISBN 0816769370

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