Can a young wizard's magic challenge the forces of evil?

[City By the Sea]
City by the Sea
Reprinted as The Wizard's Statue
Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald
[The Wizard's Statue]


Randal, a young journeyman wizard, begins his most dangerous adventure when a dying man gives him a mysterious statue. His last request it that Randal bring the statue to a mercenary named Dagon.

Randal immediately realizes that the statue possesses a great power, and that Dagon is not a man to be trusted. But Dagon is not the only one who wants the statue. A warlord named Fess, a wizard named Varnart, and everyone in the city of Widsegard are after Randal and his friends. What's more, the statue's power seems to be growing. If Randal doesn't find a safe place for it soon, its magic will destroy him!

Cover painting by Jordi Penalva

A Frightening Discovery

Randal opened the door and stepped into his room—only to come to a sudden halt on the other side of the threshold.

Magic! But this magic was strange, like nothing he had known before. Randal looked around the room, which was lit by an eerie, blue-white glow.

"Wizard . . ."

The faint whisper came from his bed, over in the corner. Randal looked, and saw a man lying there, his features drawn and ashen in the cold blue light. Randal forced himself to go over to the cot and grasp the man by the shoulder.

The young wizard pulled his hand back quickly. He's dying, he realized. He's dying of magic.

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A Troll Book
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City by the Sea
ISBN 0-8167-1831-8
September 2000
ISBN 0816769389


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