Can a young wizard's magic challenge the forces of evil?

[The Prince's Players]
The Prince's Players
Reprinted as Danger in the Palace
Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald
[Danger in the Palace]


When Randal, a young wizard, and his friend Lys are invited to the magnificent palace of Prince Vespian, Lys joins the royal actors, while Randal is taught the art of illusion by Petrucio, the prince's master wizard.

Randal believes that his newly acquired skills are to be used on the stage, but he is surprised to discover that Petrucio has other plans for his talents. An unknown enemy is threatening to overthrow Prince Vespian, and it's up to Randal to use his magic to find the traitor before it's too late!

Cover painting by Jordi Penalva

Hidden by magic . . . but for how long?

Randal moved quickly into the inner room and gestured at the stranger to follow him. Once they were both inside, Randal closed the door after them—and not a moment too soon. Footsteps sounded in the outer room. Someone was coming. The young wizard and the man he had rescued flattened themselves against the wall.

Quickly, Randal cast the spell of invisibility over himself and his companion. A second later a pale blue light showed around the edge of the door as it opened. Carvelli came in, a magical cold-flame glowing above one upraised hand. So Carvelli's the magician, thought Randal, but not trained at the School of Wizardry. If we're in luck, he won't detect us.

Carvelli drew a dagger from his belt with his left hand while he pulled a sword with his right. "Whoever is here," he said slowly, "show yourself now."

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The Prince's Players
ISBN 0-8167-1833-4
October 2000
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