Can a young wizard's magic challenge the forces of evil?

[The Prisoners of Bell Castle]
The Prisoners of Bell Castle
Reprinted as The Wizard's Castle
Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald


Bell Castle is the last place that Randal, a young wizard, wants to go. Not only is it the stronghold of his old enemy, Lord Fess, but the castle itself is shrouded in powerful magic. Yet Randal and his friends have vowed to guard a shipment of gold that will be used to pay the knights who are fighting Fess.

Soon after the companions arrive at Bell Castle, the gold vanishes—and Randal is accused of stealing it! Now he must not only prove his innocence, but recover the gold, as well. And that means entering the castle and defeating a wizard who has been his enemy since Randal first began to study magic . . . a wizard who has the power to trap Randal and his friends in the castle forever!

Cover painting by Mel Grant

Trapped by a wizard's spell . . .

As Randal and Walter watched, the glowing column grew into a cylinder about a yard across and three yards high. A man in chain mail and a closed helmet stepped out of the cylinder.

"Look outside," said Randal, pointing to the tent flap. A line of blue fire ran past the entrance. "Another magic circle..."

More men came out of the pillar of golden light as he spoke. They began passing the chests of gold back into the portal. Just as the last chest was being loaded, one of the men looked up and spotted Randal.

Randal felt a sudden wrench as magic surged out from the pillar of gold. The light flared up like a bonfire—bright, blinding. He shielded his eyes with his forearm. Then, abruptly, the light ceased.

"That was a good trick, Randy," Walter's voice came to him. "Now will you please tell me where we are?"

"You mean you don't know?" came a voice in the dark. "You're in the dungeons of Bell Castle . . ."

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The Wizard's Castle
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