Can a young wizard's magic challenge the forces of evil?

[The High King's Daughter]
The High King's Daughter
Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald


For as long as Randal can remember, Breceland has been a land without a ruler. Princess Diamante, the true heiress to the throne, has been hidden in Elfland, unable to return to her own world until the spells that guard her are broken. Now Randal and his friends begin their most important mission of all: to rescue Diamante and restore her to the throne. Entering the magical realm is not easy, but even more dangerous are the battles that await them in Breceland. For Lord Hugo de la Corre has declared himself High King, and unless he can be stopped by Midsummer's Day, chaos will reign.

Cover painting by Mel Grant

A challenge for the throne . . .

A horn blew far off in the field beyond the castle, and a small party of mounted men rode up the hill toward Doun. One of them carried the banner of Hugo de la Corre--;a huge raven, its wings outstretch in flight. Another wore the blank white surcoat of a herald. They rode up to the limits of the magic circle. The invisible boundary flared up briefly with blue light when the lead horse touched it. The creature reared, and refused to go farther.

"All you in the castle," the herald called. "If you will surrender the girl and swear fealty to King Hugo, we will depart in peace."

Diamante stepped forward before Lord Alyen could speak. She mounted up onto the parapet, where all those below could see her, and stood with her long silver hair unbound and whipping out behind her like a banner in the wind.

"If the pretender desires peace, let him go back to his own lands," she cried, in a voice that carried over tower and field. "But I am the true and rightful queen, and it is you you must swear allegiance to me."

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The High King's Daughter
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